Vocab List 8 Types of Energy

Term Definition
Thermal energy Produced by the movement of particles in matter. Ex. Melting chocolate, hot metal, evaporating
Chemical energy Potential energy stored in the particles of matter. Ex. Batteries, food, matches, fossil fuels.
Light energy beam of energy that allow us to see. Ex. Lamp, sun, computer screen when on.
Electrical energy form of energy caused by charged particles. Ex. a toaster, a fan, lamp
Mechanical energy form of energy of position and motion. Ex. a roller coaster, person running, a bow and arrow pulled back.
Energy the ability to do work.
Energy Transformation the process of changing from one form of energy to another.
Law of Conservation of Energy energy cannot be created or destroyed, but changes from one form to another or from one object to another. Amount of energy always remains the same.
Nuclear energy source of energy in the sun.
Sound energy a form of mechanical energy caused by vibrations. Ex. person singing, radio, guitar
Radiation energy is transferred through indirect contact. Travels in heat waves through air and space.
Conduction heat transferred through direct contact. It has to touch.
Convection heat transferred though movement of fluids. It rises when heat is added, and sinks when it loses heat.
Convergent boundary plates collide, causes mountain ranges.
Divergent boundary plates pull apart,causes new land to form.
Transform boundary plates slide past each other, causes earthquakes.

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