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What is place where a stream, like the Mississippi River, enters a larger body of water, like the golf of Mexico? Mouth
What is the system of letting an individual businessman take control of a colony in hopes that he could make it profitable? Proprietorship
Who is the business manager of the French Louisiana colony? Commissioner
Who is the officer in command of the French Louisiana colony? Commandment
What is a grant of land given by the French proprietary government to a concessionaire? concession
What is a set of laws established by Bienville and 1724 that regulated the behavior of slaves in and laid out rules for their masters? Code Noir
What are young, marriageable girl sent from France Louisiana and 1728, each with a small truck filled with clothing and goods needed to establish a household? Casket girls
What is a ceremonial pipe used by the native American's ? Calumet
What is a plant that is used to make purple dye? Indigo
Who dreamed of finding a water route to China. Claimed the Mississippi Valley for France. Was killed by his men? La Salle
Who was the son of a wealthy Canadian landowner. Found it a French colony in either mouth of the Mississippi River. Was later called back to fight in war in Europe. On his return to Louisiana he died in Havana, Cuba of yellow fever? Iberville
Who was Iberville's Younger brother who became the leader of the colony at Iberville's death? Bienville
Who was the French businessman who had loaned money to king Louis and 1712 and was the first proprietor of Louisiana colony? Crozat
What was the "speaking bark" that local Indians mentioned to Iberville and Bienville? A letter from Tonti to La Salle
What caused the collapse of the Mississippi bubble? The company couldn't repay investors
Who was the first proprietor of Louisiana? Crozat
Antoine de Lamothe, Sieur de Cadillac had troubles with the Indians because why? He refused to smoke the Calumet
What is the correct chronological order for these events? Iberville established fort maurepas. Louisiana became a proprietary colony. Natchitoches founded. New Orleans founded
Who headed the company of the west? John long
What nationality were the colonist that John law attracted to Louisiana, because it would be a haven from the hopeless situation in their home country? German
What was the cause of the Naches uprising? French demanded their land
Who was the first Louisiana Governor just suggest growing indigo and tobacco as cash crops? Cadilac
Which Louisiana Governor is credited with hosting the first Mardi Gras ball? Vaudreuil
Who took a big risk by bluffing the British Navy, causing them to turn around and abandon their efforts to establish a fort on the Mississippi river? Bienville
On his return trip from France, what happened to LaSalle? He passed the mouth of the Mississippi river
What were the early European explorers hoping to find in North America? The Northwest passage
Who was living among the Chickasaw that caused Bienville to demand that they be turned over to the French? Naches Indians
What French explorer was a victim of mutiny ? La Salle
Who controlled most of the United States? French
What did the Spanish primarily control? Central America
What was founded first between Natchitoches, Philadelphia, Cadillac or New Orleans? Philadelphia
Which Indian tribe allied themselves with the British? Chickasaw
What was the first French fort in the Louisiana colony? Fort Maurepas
What does Louisiana mean? Land of Louis
Where were the unruly sons threaten to be sent if they didn't behave? New Orleans
What is the code Noir? Laws for slaves and masters
Why did Iberville have trouble getting colonist and supplies for the forts in the Louisiana? There was a war in Europe
Who is the father of Louisiana? Bienville
St. Denis founded Natchitoches and became very wealthy by what? Illegal trade with the Spanish
Why was the sending of prisoners to Louisiana so controversial? People could send their relatives
Why did Iberville name his. First camp point Marty Gras? They moved their on Mardi Gras
Why did Iberville and Bienville move the original colonial settlement from Fort Maurepas to a new location near Mobile Bay? Flooding
True or false; rivers were important travel routes for much of the exploration True
Children born in the Louisiana colony were considered to be members of which group?

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