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mississippi is bordered by the states of? alabama, tennessee, arkansas, louisiana
the western boundary of mississippi is the? The Mississippi river
Mississippi is located west of alabama (what type of loco) relative location
the mississippi river begins in? minnesota
the highest point in mississippi is? woodall mountain
Tombigbee hills, pontotoc ridge, and north central hills are all located in _________ mississippi. northern
pine hills and coastal meadows are landform regions located in ________ mississippi. southern
how many counties does mississippi have? 82
natural vegetation is sometimes called? flora
"alluvial soil is soil that is deposited by? water
when europeans came to mississippi, which native american tribes were located there? natchez, choctaw, chicksaw
the earliest americans are beleived to have entered north america by crossing? the bering land bridge
the first group of europeans to visit mississippi was the? spanish
what role did hernando de soto play in the history mississippi? was the 1st european to explore this area
which explorer claimed the lousiana province for france? la selle
the first european settlement in ms located at biloxi bay, was? fort maurepas
this french fort was built to protect the natchez settlement? fort rosalie
who is responsible for the development of the natchezthe rsettlement beinville and iberville
which 2 states were carved out of the mississippi territory? mississippi and alabama
list the cities that have served as mississippis capital? natchez,jackson,washington
the original name for jackson was? le fleurs bluff
why is the year 1817 importnt to mississippi history? mississippi became a state
the removal of native americans from mississippi resulted in? (the trek) trail of tears
where would you find the devils backbone? the natchez trace
fathers of water mississippi river
during the early 1800s the U.S government entered treaties with the native american tribes in order to? aquire land
the code noir was developed by? bienville
the u.s president when the lousiana purchase was made was? thomas jefferson
slaves freed in the united states was sent to the colony of ? liberyia
the republican party was formed to oppose? slavery
the republican canididae in the 1860 election was abraham lincoln
the capital of the confederate states of america was established at? montgomery, alabmaa
who was chosen to lead the confederates states of america? jefferson davis
the first state to secede from the u.s was? south carolina
the civil war officially began after the? firing on fort sumter
after the union troops took new orleans, the only remaing confederate stronghold on the mississippi river was? vicksburg
the commander of the confederate forces was? robert e lee
place the following events in orderfrench explorer and settle mississippimissouiri compromiseantebellum mississippipresidental reconstrucution14th amendment ratifield civil war french explorer and settle mississippi 1antebellum mississippi 2missouiri compromise 3civil war 414th amendment ratifield 5presidental reconstrucution6
who was named commander of the union troops ? ulysses s grant
the civil war ended when the confederates surrendered at? appomattox court house
the emancipation proclamation freed? slaves in confederacy
which burbon democrat was known as the "great white chief" varadmen
chinese immigrants first came to mississippi to? work as sharecroppers
the flood of 1927 the great flood in 1927
during the great migration, many __________ moved to the north and east, looking for ____________. african americans and jobs
residents of jackson live in? what type of area? metroplian area
the name of williams faulkers house is? rowan oak
the glass menagerie, cat on a hot tin roof, and summer and smoke were written by? tennessee williams
williams faukners house is located in? oxford, ms
an example of african american folk culture is? the blues

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