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antics (n.)- ridiculous behavior or actions
banter (v.)- to exchange playful remarks(n.)- talk that is playful and teasing
detriment (n.)- harm or loss: injury
durable (adj.)- sturdy(n.)- consumer goods used repeatedly over a series of years
frugal (adj.)- economical
invalidate (v.)- to make valueless
legendary (adj.)- well-known or popular
main (v.)- to cripple, disable
oblique (adj.)- slanting or sloping
venerate (v.)- to regard with reverence
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avowed (adj.)- declared openly and without shame
bountiful (adj.)- giving freely
enterprising (adj.)- energetic, willing and able to start something new
congested (adj.)- overcrowded
gingerly (adj.)- with extreme care or caution
glut (v.)- to provide more than is needed or wanted(n.)- an oversupply
incognito (adj.)- in a disguised state (n.)- state of being disguised
minimize (v.)- to make as small as possible
veer (v.)- to change direction or course suddenly
wanton (adj.)- reckless: loose in morals(n.)- a spoiled, pampered person

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