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George Washington Commander of the Continental Army
Mercenary a professional soldier
Strategy an overall plan of action
Rendezvous a meeting
Battles of Saratoga a series of conflicts between British soldiers and the continental army in 1777 that proved to be a turning point in the re
Ally a country that agrees to help another country achieve a common goal.
Marquis de Lafayette a 19 year old French nobleman who volunteered to serve in Washington's Army
Bayonet Long steel knives attached to the ends of guns.
Desert Leave military duty without intending to return
Privateer a privately owned ship that a wartime government gives permission to attack an enemy's merchant ships.
James Forten a privateer that was the son of a free African-American sail maker
John Paul Jones famous American Sea captain who won the most famous sea battle
Lord Cornwallis A British general who surrendered to Washington at Yorktown.
Guerillas small bands of fighters who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks.
Pacifist People who are opposed to war
Battle of Yorktown American victory that ended the Revolutionary War.
Treaty of Paris Treaty that officially ended the American Revolutionary War
Republicanism Form of government instead of a king ruling, the people would rule.
Elizabeth Freeman African American who sued for her freedom in Massachusetts and won.
Richard Allen Preacher who helped start the Free African Society

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