social studies 7th Chapter 6 vocab

Term Definition
empire A large territory in which several groups of people are ruled by a single leader or government
Akkadian Empire The first Mesopotamian empire
Sargon a strong king and a skilled general. The ruler of the Akkadian Empire
capital a city that is the center of goverment
tribute wealth sent from one country or ruler to another as a sign that is superior
stele carved stones
Babylonian Empire The second Mesopotamian Empire
Hammurabi the king of the Babylonian Empire
code to unify an empire and rescue order a collection of laws
Assyrian Empire The third Mesopotamian Empire
siege A military blockade and attack on a city to force it to surrender
aqueduct a pipe or channel that brings water from distant places
bas-reliefs a sculpture in which the image projects out from a flat surface
Neo-Babylonian Empire The fourth Mesopotamian Empire
Nebuchadrezzar The Neo-Babylonian king
Hanging gardens of Babylon gardens on a palace by Nebuchadrezzar Rooftop gardens
astronomy the study of stars and planets

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