science cycles of life

Question Answer
Heat energy makes water ___ and ride into the air Evaporate
When cooled enough, water vapor ___ into tiny water droplets condenses
Droplets that become so large and heavy that they can longer stay up in
Water stored in soil and rock is ground water
Water flowing downhill across the surface of earth is called runoff
The process of naturally recycling water on Earth is called the water cycle
Plants give some of their water back to the atmosphere through their leaves
Dead trees provide _____ that other trees need elements
Organisms that recycle matter in dead wood into carbon dioxide and ___, which contains nitrogen ammonia
Nitrogen is found in ___, substances that add ____ to the soil fertilizer. minerals
The gases added to the air by decaying organisms, breathing animals, and burning fossil fuels is carbon dioxide
Plants use the carbon to make sugars, starches, and proteins to make their own body chemicals
Animals get nitrogen by eating proteins
plants get nitrogen by absorbing it from the soil
The way nitrogen moves between the air, soil, plants and animals is called the nitrogen cycle
Decomposers break down the proteins of dead plants into the nitrogen containing substance ammonia
Soil bacteria change ammonia into nitrites
Animal waste contains ____ compounds nitrogen
Plants use nitrogen to make proteins
Nitrates are turned back into nitrogen gas by denitrifying bacteria
Sunlight is a ____ resource inexhaustible
The building blocks of products are raw material
A resource that can be replaced, like a tree, is renewable resources

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