religion religon

Question Answer
prayer conversations that begin and end with God
prayer is both a covenant and communion because _________________________________________________ god is with us through baptism and so is the trinity
obstacles of prayer -misunderstanding what prayer is-discouraged with results -too busy and distracted –
prayer has the power to help us ________________ of our lives see god in the people around us and in the ordinary events
devotions acts of individual or communal prayer (rosary, scapulars, novenas, adoration)
all sacred images used in liturgical celebrations are related to ______ christ
who are the models prayer abraham, moses, and david
abraham father of faith
the prayer of mary reflects she was a woman of faith, hope, love
____ most fully reveals the way of prayer jesus
jesus prayed ______________________________ alone, with disciples and in the temple
the prayer of the church rises out of the theo virtues
what are the theo virtues faith, hope, love
what is the paschal mystery passion, death, resurrection, ascension
what are the four marks of the church one holy catholic apostolistic
who is included in the ordained mystery bishops priest deacon

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