Quiz Review Earliest People through Explorers

Term Definition
Artifacts Material things we use to learn about people from the past
Migrate Moving from one land or country to settle in a new place
Adaptation Change in behavior in response to new surroundings
The Kennewick Man Strong evidence that supports the boat theory of migration
Land Bridge Theory of Migration Most accepted theory of migration; migrants walked across land from Asia to North America
Island Hopping Theory of Migration Theory of Migration; Migrants came from Europe on boats and traveled from island to island
Boat Theory of Migration Theory of Migration; Migrants came in boats and landed on the coastline of the Americas
Tribes Large family units that early Americans lived in
Buffalo A very valuable resource for Native Americans living on the plains
Sedentary When people live in one place for an extended period of time
Nomadic When people continuously move from place to place
The Osage A sedentary Native American tribe
Tipi The type of home that a nomadic tribe would live in
Hunting, Gathering, Gardens The ways in which a sedentary tribe would get food
Primarily Hunting, Some Gathering The ways in which a nomadic tribe would get food
Coronado The first explorer to come to the land we call Kansas today in 1540
Lewis and Clark A team of US explorers sent to explore the Louisiana Territory in 1803
Louisiana Purchase The name of a land deal between the US and French that included the land we call Kansas today
Pike The US explorer who thought KS would be great for farmers, but reported the plains as “dry and sandy” in 1806
Long The US explorer whose report influenced the government in forcing Native Americans from their homes in 1820
New World Term used by early explorers for North America
Sovereign Rights Authority based on government power; Native Americans’ were ignored by early explorers
Conquer New Lands A major motivating factor for early foreign explorers; done in the name of their country
To Get New Knowledge A motivating factor for early US explorers
The Kiowa A nomadic Native American tribe
Primary Source A source that provides direct or first-hand evidence about an event, object, person, etc.
Permanent Home The type of home that a sedentary tribe would live in
Glaciers The cause of migration of the earliest people
Technology New ideas and inventions of this helped the population of the earliest people to grow
Big Game Hunters The name given to the earliest people we know of

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