Promotion/SML Promotion With Social Media Lesson

Term Definition
Social media Websites and services that allow users to interact with one another through creating and sharing photos, videos, and text-based communication.
Social media marketer Someone who uses the power of social media to converse with actual and prospective customers, all with the goal of bolstering a company’s brand and selling more product.
Spam Unwanted email solicitations from companies.
Marketing campaign The methods and strategies a company uses to promote a product, service, or event.
Brand recognition The general awareness of a particular brand among the general population.
Brand reputation How a brand is perceived in the marketplace.
Contextual advertising Advertising targeted to online users based upon their self-reported preferences.
Viral marketing In the context of social media marketing, viral marketing is using consumers to share an organization’s message with their friends and family using social media. A band’s music video that is shared widely on Facebook is an example.
Authenticity An attribute of a brand, band, company, etc. that conveys that it is primarily interested in understanding and meeting the real needs of customers rather than making a one-size-fits-all type of sales pitch.

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