Question Answer
Ingress The flow of fans into the stadium.
Egress The flow of fans out of the stadium
Satellite lot Any parking lot that is offsite from the stadium is considered satellite parking. Shuttle buses are often required to transport fans to and from the stadium.
Public transportation Methods of transport other than driving or flying, such as the subway and the commuter rail.
On-street parking Parking along the street, as opposed to in a parking lot.
Tailgating The practice of grilling food, drinking, and socializing around cars and trucks in a stadium parking lot. Lots of sports fans enjoy arriving early to games, parking, and then partying before the game.
Dynamic pricing Fluid, not fixed, parking prices that can increase or decrease due to small and/or short- term changes in supply and demand. Dynamic pricing for parking is facilitated by the Internet and mobile technology.
Fixed costs Costs incurred by a business regardless of how much goods and services are produced. These might include, for example, salaries. These costs are not connected to profit and loss but must be paid on a regular basis, as stipulated in a contract.
Variable costs Costs incurred by a business that vary from month to month or year to year. These might include the cost of food, snow removal, and so on.

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