SET 6 for Ms. Crain

Term Definition
des for, away, down, apart, not
in in, into, not
re back, again
cant song
ation action or process
cle small
trice feminine
a away, from; not, without
di two
en in, into
meta beyond, change
cephal head, brain
morph form
thorax chest
ic like, related to
itis inflammation
ology study of, science
osis condition
ous having the quality of
Incantation the chanting of supposedly magic words
Recant to withdraw something previously said
Cantillation the action of unaccompanied chanting in free rhythm
Canticle a hymn derived from the Bible; literally a 'little' song
Cantatrice female professional singer
Descant high melody above the main melody
Dimorphic occurring or existing in two different forms
Cephalic of, or related to the head
Morphology the study of the form and structure of organisms
Metamorphosis a complete change of character, appearance, condition, etc
Amorphous without definite form; shapeless
Encephalitis inflammation of the brain
Cephalothorax fused head and thorax of an arachnid or higher crustacean

HCP102 Part 1 Medical Terminology

-algia pain, painful condition
-dys bad, difficult, or painful
-ectomy surgical removal, cutting out, excision
-hyper excessive, increased
-hypo deficient, decreased
-itis inflammation
-osis abnormal condition, disease
-ostomy the surgical creation of an artificial opening to the body surface
-otomy cutting, surgical incision
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhage bleeding, abnormal excessive fluid discharge
-rraphy surgical suturing
-rrhea flow discharge
-rrhexis rupture
-sclerosis abnormal hardening
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
anter/o before, front
caud/o lower part of body tail
cephal/o head
cyt/o, cyte cell
end, endo in, within, inside
exo out of, outside, away from
hist/o, histi/o tissue
ologist specialist
ology the science or study of
path/o, pathy disease, suffering, feeling, emotion
plasi, plas/o, plasia development, growth, formation
poster/o behind, toward the back
stasis, static control, maintenance of a constant level
angi/o blood or lymph vessel
aort/o aorta
arteri/o artery
ather/o plaque, fatty substance
brady slow
cardi/o heart
crasia a mixture or blending
emia blood, blood condition
erythro/o red
hem/o, hemat/o blood, relating to the blood
leuk/o white
phleb/o vein
tachy fast, rapid
thromb/o clot
ven/o vein

Herpes Health Unit 2

Question Answer
Is Herpes a virus or bacteria? Virus
What is the treatment for Herpes? no effective care available
What is the transmission for Herpes? direct contact with infectious person with a rash
What is the test for Herpes? visual inspection; virus culture
What are the complications of Herpes? inflammation of rectum; eye problems in newborns; Encephalitis; cervical cancer; brain damage/death; newborn needs C-section
What are the symptoms for Herpes? rash or blisters/swollen tissue and lymph glands; fatigue/muscle aches; itching/painful urination
What are the causes of Herpes? stress; unprotected sex; menstruation; friction from tight fitting clothing

4.3 Reconstruction 4.3 Reconstruction for American History

Question Answer
Carpetbaggers Northern Republicans who got the name from a joke.
Scalawags Southerners that supported Reconstruction.
Enforcement Acts Helped to assure any hate groups would be able to have military-grade justice and could be prosecuted.
Redeemers Supported white-controlled governments.
Ku Klux Klan Racist terrorist group basically.
Panic of 1873 Economic depression when the nation couldn't handle the mass amount of people.
Samuel J Tilden Democrat that ran for president in 1876, lost.
Rutherford B Hayes Republican that ran for president in 1876, won.
Compromise of 1877 Agreement that if the south accepted Hayes as their president, the north would withdraw the remainder of their troops.
How did Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans? It brought violence, but in more war it also brought voting rights.
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the South during Reconstruction? Leading Democrats and southern Republicans.
How did Congress respond to violence against African Americans? They created laws against violence. If a hate group were to be caught, prosecution would ensue. This helped a bit.
What historical era ended in 1877? The Reconstruction Era ended.

English vocab

Term Definition
Perspective one way of looking at things
Dictator A leader who speaks and leads with total power
Predict To say what will happen before it really occures
Contradict To speak against to say opposite
Verdict The decision a jury makes in a trial the decision said by a jury
Inspect To look at carefully in search of flaws
Introspection The act of looking into ones own thoughts and feelings
Diction What is written down as someone says it
Spectacle Somthing desplayed for the public to see
Spectacles Glasses that help someone see better
dict speak
Speculate To look and think about something from different points of view
Dictum A juges rulling or statement
Dictionary A reference book in which spoken or written words are defined
Diction The mannor in which something is exspressed in words
edict public words issued by an official that explain a law or a command
Spec see,look
indictment Formal words written or spoken by a jury that charge a person with crime
circumspect Carefull to look at all posabilities before acting cautious,aware of consaquenses
spectator A person who watches something such as a sporting event
Retrospective looking back at past things
respect to look up to someone to show respect

the story of keesh

Term Definition
prone likely to forget
abated becoming less intense
apportioned divide and distribated
prophetic futuristic guess
assailed attacked
contended argued
corrobrated supported in a statment

weather homework

Term Definition
wind air that is moving
air mass a large body of air that has similar temperature and humidity throughout
cold front forms where a cold air mass moves under a warm air mass
warm front forms where a warm air mass moves over a cold air mass
weather map a map that uses symbols to show weather data
air pressure the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on earth
climate the pattern of weather an area experiences over a long period of time
climate zone an area that has similar temperatures and precipitation throughout
equator an imaginary line around earth, equally distant from the north and south pole
latitude a measure of how far north or south a place is from the eqator

Plate Tectonics

Question Answer
Where two plates meet Plate boundary
Plate boundary where two plates come together Convergent boundary
Plate boundary where two plates move apart Divergent boundary
Plate boundary where two plates slide past one another in opposite directions Transform boundary
Pieces of the lithosphere plates
Made up of the crust and upper mantle Lithosphere
Made up of the lower mantle Asthenosphere
These are formed when two continental plates collide at a convergent boundary Mountains
When one plate sinks beneath another subduction
Theory that Earth’s lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates that move. Theory of Plate Tectonics
Theory that magma below Earth’s crust is forced upward toward the surface at a mid-ocean ridge, forming new seafloor. Theory of Seafloor Spreading
What causes the tectonic plates to move? Convection currents in the mantle
The two types of crust Continental and Oceanic
What is an example of a transform boundary? The San Andreas Fault
What is an example of a divergent boundary? The Great Rift Valley in Africa.
What forms when two continental plates come together? Mountains


Question Answer
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Controls the price and production of oil. OPEC
From 1941-1951, Iran was ruled by _______________. Shah
Arasted Critics SAVAK
Riots are led by ________________ in Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini
___________ held no government title but no citizen dared to act without his approval. Khomeni
__________born in 1900 and had hatred for modern Iran. Khomeni
In 1979, the Shah was forced to leave and Iran takes the US embassy holding them hostage. Iran Hostage Crisis

4.3 Reconstruction

Question Answer
carpetbaggers northern republicans who moved south after the civil war
scalawags southern renegades, and betrayers of their race and country
enforcement acts three laws that empowered the federal government to combat terrorism with military force and to prosecute guilty individuals.
redeemers supporters of white-controlled governments
Ku Klux Klan a secret terrorist group of angry white southerners who wanted to prevent African Americans from voting
Panic of 1873 a particularly severe economic depression
Civil Rights act of 1875 the final effort to enforce reconstruction; prohibited businesses that served the public from discrimination against African Americans
Samuel J Tilden democrat president nominee in 1876
Rutherford B Hayes republican president nominee in 1876
Compromise of 1877 a deal that republicans and southern democrats made to defuse the protesting of the democrats
How did Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans? during reconstruction it improved their lives but didn't help them much in the long run
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the South during Reconstruction? African Americans, scalawags, and carpetbaggers
How did Congress respond to violence against African Americans? they passed legislation designed to stop violence against African Americans
What historical era came to end in 1877? the reconstruction era