Lesson 24 struct = build

Term Definition
Hard hats, steel-toe boots, and orange vests are often required on ___ sites to ensure safety of those building large structures. construction
After the tornado struck the small town, the ___ became evident with the houses being flattened to the ground. destruction
Too few tax dollars go toward building ___, such as power plants, roads and bridges. infrastructure
In ancient times, scholars were hired to ___ only men to read and write. instruct
Our college ___ told us we could attend his study group to better prepare for our test tomorrow. instructor
When a lot of information is presented in a short period of time, it is easy to ___ the content and misunderstand it. misconstrue
After the storm, there was a large ___ in the road, causing us to detour and find another route. obstruction
Even with the image being partially destroyed, the computer program was able to ___ the picture. reconstruct
After leveling the land, the builders began constructing the ___ of the building before moving on to the walls. substructure
The ___ on top of the concrete slab was a three-story home with lake views. superstructure

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