Energy Energy note 1

Question Answer
What is potential energy and what are 3 types of potential energy? Stored energy1.Gravitational potential energy2. elastic potential energy3. chemical potential energy4. Nuclear energy
What is energy? ability to cause change or do work
What is kinetic energy? energy of motion
What 2 things determine the amount of kinetic energy an object has? 1. mass2. speed
What is Thermal energy? give an example. -heat energy-moves from one place to another because of differents in temperature-always move from warmer to coldex. height, mass
What is Light Energy? give an example. carried by waves-ex. the sun
what is chemical potential energy? give an example stored in bonds in particles-ex. food
what type of energy does the sun primarily provide? light energy
what factors determine the gravitational potential energy of an object? -height above ground-mass of object
what is elastic potential energy ? give an example stretched or squeezed energy-ex. rubber band
what units are used to measure energy measure in Joules or (J's)
what is work -push or pull that makes on object move
what happens to particles and temperature with an increase in energy (heat)? the particles move fasterincrease in temp.
what happens to particles and temperature with a decrease in energy (heat)? the particles move slowerdecrease in temp

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