chapter 9

Question Answer
inaugurate to introduce something
cabinet people that help the president with issues.
federal judiciary act gave the supreme court 6 members.
tariff a tax on imported goods.
french revolution it was a long war that became very violent and was ment to rebel against the government.
battle of fallen timbers a battle that was lost by the native Americans.
nuetral when you dint like or dislike something your neutral.
treaty of greenvile a treaty that made 12 native american tribes surrendered.
jay's treaty it was a treaty so the British would pay for the damages to the ships they had seized.
whiskey rebelion it was a rebellion against tax in western Pennsylvanian.
pinicky's treaty it was a treaty that was made to help Spain get people across the Mississippi river.
foreign policy relations with the governments of other countries.
political party a group of people who try to promote there ideas.
XYZ affair an incident in which french officials demanded a bribe from u.s diplomats.
alien and sedition acts a series of 4 laws enacted to reduce political power.
states rights the theory that said states had rights to judge when federal government had passed a unconstitutional law.

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