Term Definition Need Requirements for survival, such as food, clothing, and shelter. Want A thing we would like to have, such as entertainment, vacations, or […] Read More

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Question Answer cater (V) to satisfy the needs of try to make things easy and pleasant entrepreneur (n) a person who starts up and takes […] Read More

progressive era

Term Definition Susan B. Anthony Early leader in the fight for women's rights. For more than 50 years, from the 1840's on, she championed the cause of femalesuffrage, giving women the right to vote. Federal Reserve System An act, passed in 1913, setting up a Federal Reserve Bank system with 12 banking districts and a Federal Reserve Boardappointed by the President to regulate and supervise the system.  Granger Movement Organization of farmers centered in the west and south whose aim was mutual welfare and advancement. Its politically activemembers sought to regulate the railroads and grain elevators. Homestead Act Passed in 1862, it gave 160 acres of public land to any settler who would farm the land for five years. The settler would only haveto pay a registration fee of $25. Income Tax The tax required on money earned after the approval of the 16th Amendment in 1913. Industrialization The change from man-made to machine-made production, usually at a larger scale for consumption by a home market and forforeign markets Labor Workers, usually referring to industrial workers. Labor Union An organization that represents workers in a factory or whole industry with respect to hours, wages, and conditions of work. Populism Political movement begun by farmers and labor unions in the 1890s. It sought to limit the power of big business and grantindividuals more say in the governmental process. Progressive Party Sometimes called the Bull Moose Party, a progressive faction of the Republican party formed in 1912 under the leadership ofTheodore Roosevelt Referendum Submission of a law to a direct vote of the people, thereby superseding the legislature. Regulate […] Read More

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Question Answer mississippi is bordered by the states of? alabama, tennessee, arkansas, louisiana the western boundary of mississippi is the? The Mississippi river Mississippi is […] Read More

Lesson 4

accurate -Able to give a correct reading or measurement.-Without mistakes or errors in facts.-Correctness, exactness. approximate -Not exact, but close enough to be reasonably correct […] Read More


Term Definition Ab-Apart, away from Abnormal-deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying. Demo-People Democracy-a system of […] Read More

Lesson Vocab. 4

Question Answer Inception The beginning of something Incipient In its early stages; beginning Annihilate To destroy completely Negate To disprove; to nullify Renegade One who […] Read More


Question Answer What are baby owls called? owlets Where do owls live? every continent What do owls eat? worms, rodents, other birds What do you […] Read More