Term Definition Sta,Stat,Stit,Stist to put in place, to stand,to cause to stand Tract,trah,trea,trai to draw, drag just,jur right,justice,oath hort garden hibern winter cult Cultivate,dwell,worship flor,flora […] Read More

French 1

Question Answer Veterinaire Vet Pilote Pilot Informaticien (me) Computer scientist Ingenieur Engineer Journaliste Journalist Maitre/maitresse Teache Mannequin Model Mecanicien (ne) Mechanic Medicin Doctor Militaire / […] Read More

lesson 8

Question Answer conserving restore endangered responsibility attracted regulate vegetation adapted unique guardians

religion religon

Question Answer prayer conversations that begin and end with God prayer is both a covenant and communion because _________________________________________________ god is with us through baptism […] Read More

Lesson 24 struct = build

Term Definition Hard hats, steel-toe boots, and orange vests are often required on ___ sites to ensure safety of those building large structures. construction After […] Read More

Unit 2 Constitution Unit 2 Vocab.

Term Definition Enumerated Powers given to federal government only. Concurrent Those powers shared by federal government and state government. (Both) Executive Branch of government that […] Read More

chapter 9

Question Answer inaugurate to introduce something cabinet people that help the president with issues. federal judiciary act gave the supreme court 6 members. tariff a […] Read More


Question Answer Frag,Fract,Frang,Fring to break Di,Dis,Dif Apart,Different, Not, Very Fid, faith,trust Plict,Pleet,Plex, Pli,Ple,Ply to fold,twist,weave Fin border,limit end Flu,Fluct,Flux to flow Vict,Vinc to conquer Mob,Mov […] Read More