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Without question, Chris Buzzini's, floral, art glass paperweights are among the finest ever produced. Stunning, art glass paperweights for the serious Art Glass collector. Extremely detailed, meticulously crafted, colored glass flowers encapsulated in brilliant, optical quality crystal. Fine, delicate, floral, art glass paperweights that are destined to become tomorrow's treasures. Buzzini's works are offered on this website. Check here for: Availability 

In 2010, Chris Buzzini celebrated his 40th anniversary as a working glass artist. He has knowledge and skills in almost every genre of contemporary Glass Art. He was drawn to lampworking because the array of techniques employed can be adapted to create incredible detail, a principal strength of Buzzini’s work. He states, "the 'lampworking process' by nature, is a cumulative one, and allows an artist to build on his own ability and creativity." He has been producing Lampwork Glass Paperweights since 1986 and has a following of Paperweight/Art Glass Collectors from around the world. His work truly is outstanding. For a more in-depth look into his world, please use the link below to an insightful video produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting:

Oregon Art Beat - Lampwork Paperweights by Chris Buzzini